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Jessica Scott Ritter, CEO

Since 2007, Jessica Scott, LLC (Jessica Scott Marketing and Events) has been building a brand for not only its clients, but for itself as a business.  Jessica Scott has been creating innovative and impactful ideas and campaigns setting the bar even higher with each passing year.

Behind the powerhouse events and marketing boutique firm is Jessica Scott Ritter, a business thought leader, who’s end goal was to “always dream bigger than you think or believe.”

With tenacity, charm, style and razor sharp business skills, Jessica found herself building a marketing empire one client at a time. “It was in 2006 that I found myself always ‘working for the man’.  I decided I no longer wanted to be told how high I could go in my career.  So I quit my job in January 2007 and started telling everyone I knew that I was on my own.”  The universe, however, had other plans.  The economy took a turn for the worse.  Businesses began tightening their belts and marketing dollars were just not there.  Jessica had to get very creative very quickly in order to dream big.  So she partnered with a local magazine and a local publicist producing some of the biggest events in the Philadelphia market.  It was then, that she found her first client that business began to soar when everything else around her seemed to be collapsing.

From these dynamic beginnings, Jessica built a company with diverse marketing capabilities and cross industry clout that could strategize target-specific campaigns for clients ranging from restaurants to fashion to real-estate and law.

Jessica Scott is unique from other firms in that every client works directly with Jessica, though she calls on her accomplished and diversely talented staff selectively to support the specific needs of each client. “When clients hire me, they get me,” she says.

Looking back on her journey, Jessica offers an intriguing perspective. “I believe in myself, most importantly, but I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.  I was not going to have anyone tell me that I could not do something or hold me back from accomplishing my dreams.  I want everyone to feel that way.”  With an independent spirit and mindset came a businesswoman. “I didn’t have people pitching in to back my business. I created this on my own to provide security and a beautiful home for my future and my family. I made something happen. And I will continue to make it happen.”

Jessica married in October, 2016 and now resides with her husband in New Jersey along with their rescued Tabby Cat and Black Labrador Retriever.