Since 2007, Jessica Scott, LLC (Jessica Scott Marketing and Events) has been building a brand for not only its clients, but for itself as a business. Behind this boutique firm is Jessica Scott Ritter. In 2004, Jessica was working for a Philadelphia Nightlife and Entertainment website handling all of their Marketing, Public Relations, and Event Planning needs; however in her free time she would accept promotional gigs for beer and liquor companies throughout the Tri-State area. The two owners at the time took notice of her dedication, work ethic, and ability to recognize talented individuals to add to the roster and offered her a position within the company and a third of the business profits. After approximately two years, one of the partners sold out to start other endeavors and the other decided to do the same. They closed the agency and Jessica decided to take it a step farther by creating a full service Modeling Agency called “JS Models”. From there, Jessica’s wings began to expand. The agency was booking talent for photo shoots, runway, promotional, trade-shows, commercial work and more; but the burden of carrying two agencies under two different names became too complicated and too much to bear. It was in 2015 that Jessica decided to integrate the needs of Brand Ambassadors under the marketing firm. Of course the modeling services that the modeling agency once provided were eliminated during this transition, but the quality of marketing services that this firm now provides is nothing short of perfection.